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5 reasons to start a blog in 2023.

Blogging has been around for years long before platforms like tik tok and Instagram. In the beginning, blogging was hard and was left to only those who understood coding languages & programming but now you can even build a blog from scratch using Chat GPT or other AI tools.

I remember like 7 yrs ago I was teaching myself coding with HTML, CSS, and javascript which are the front-end languages so as to create a blog

Today you don’t need to know a thing about coding and still build a site that attracts followers in the millions. truly times have changed.

Is it still worth it to start a blog now?

Yes, it is. blogging has become simpler and more advanced meaning an explosion of opportunities that are available to new creators. you can get started with Namecheap who have the cheapest domains and hosting in their current promo offer.

Let’s explore the reasons to start a blog immediately.

Earn a passive income.

Passive income is income you earn even while not working. Technology has provided such opportunities that were unheard of years ago. A monetized blog will earn you money while you are asleep. money can be earned either through ads, affiliate sales, courses, info products, and more.

Getting started on WordPress is the easiest. You just need a domain and hosting space. WordPress has the simplest ecosystem where you can create a beautiful user-friendly site without spending cash on plugins and themes in the initial stages.

Teach and learn.

Steven R Covey of The 7 Habits of highly effective people put it so eloquently.“to learn and not do is really not to learn to know and not to do is really not to know.

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to learn free of charge. many people refuse this approach because they think of imposter syndrome where they think that can’t be a voice to be heard in their space. we learn from each other every day and grow. putting your services out is like your own free personal cv that people who like the services you offer can approach you.

Build a brand online

Am personally intrigued by brands like Neil Patel and Backlinko that have grown massively online and reached millions of viewers. when people interact with your work they come to trust you and find it even easy to purchase from you. Famous brands like Amazon or Alibaba have become billion-dollar enterprises yet very few know their physical office locations.

Whatever niche you are in if you put in the work and are patient, building your brand is inevitable.

Meet different people

Am usually surprised by the number of emails I receive regularly from a reader in a place av been to. if I had not put myself online only persons I interact with on a physical level would know me and that is very a small playing field for me. a reader recently emailed me from Poland seeking assistance on how to set up a safe WordPress site on the cloud and I was more than happy to help and receive a small stipend while at it.

the reader read how I had migrated my WordPress site to Google Cloud making it faster and safer and wanted me to do the same for him.

Become better at expressing yourself.

Writing is a form of exercise that makes your brain think and analyze information fast. before writing I have to research and read through posts and documents to convey my message in the simplest way possible.

a saying goes that for your message to be effective it needs to be understood by both a 10 yr old and 95yr old. free yourself from the trap of trying to be perfect, there’s always room for improvement. let your readers be the judge of your work. many times the negative comments we expect never come our brains are just wired to have a negativity bias.

Experiment with different things

You can be a doctor by profession but like blogging about fitness on the side. blogging allows you to explore your innate passions and abilities and make a difference while at it. a study showed that more than 43% of graduates end up not pursuing their college degrees.

a famous youtuber who I like for his delivery and honesty Ali Abidaal shares in his youtube videos how he abandoned medicine in the NHS to pursue blogging full time which was scary to him at first but has paid off big time considering he earns millions of dollars online a figure he couldn’t have earned even as a specialist doctor.

How I passed my Microsoft AZ 900 exam for free in 2 weeks

whatever path you choose for yourself make sure to document while at it.

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