benefits of being cloud certified

6 benefits of getting cloud certified.

The cloud has grown exponentially over the years that it now employs millions of people directly and indirectly compared to a decade ago. in the earlier days of the public cloud getting qualified professionals to work on the cloud was difficult as it was a different environment compared to the traditional on-prem setups that had been commonplace in the years before.

Public clouds have met this demand for professionals by developing curricula for the various services that they offer. this, in turn, has led to the wider adoption of the cloud by both individuals and enterprises as the support system that didn’t exist is now readily available.  

getting cloud certified is getting more desirable by the day that the industry is referred to as a hot cake. I have over 5 cloud certifications that have caused tremendous growth in my career that I wish I could have started my certification journey earlier.

why get certified?

High-paying jobs -the IT industry in general pays very well compared to other fields. if you are disgruntled by your current pay then a move to the cloud is highly advised. but why? according to glassdoor, the average salary of a cloud engineer is over $150000 per year. this does not apply to cloud engineers alone other roles like the cloud architect have salaries close to 200k a year. very few industries pay their professionals so handsomely as the cloud does

Getting a new job-getting certified can easily get you your dream job as it shows you understand in depth the subject matter you are applying to. while a cloud cert alone won’t guarantee you a job without proof of experience recruiters will notice your profile faster as compared to a non-certified’s advisable to try building projects of your own on the cloud to put into practice the knowledge you have.

Access to an elite community-their are online communities and forums that are only secluded to certified individuals. when I got my AWS cloud practitioner certification I got an invite to the AWS-certified global community. these communities help you to gain knowledge, network and also find opportunities that are not in the public domain.

Gives the ability to change careers I recently read the story of Daniel Singletary from Atlanta USA who went from a plumber to becoming an employed associate DevOps engineer in a matter of months. he got his cloud certification got his hands dirty through the cloud resume challenge and is now employed in a different industry.

Proves your skillset.-their nothing that proves your skillset in any industry than a validated credential. you wouldn’t trust a doctor who has never set foot in a medical school to operate on you no matter how much people might praise him. in the cloud getting certified shows that you have the ability to be committed to study and respect for your craft.

New jobs are created daily-while many jobs are being lost and replaced by machines and robots in the cloud jobs are actually being enhanced by AI and ML.the top public clouds like Azure AWS & GCP all have AI and IoT offerings that churn out new jobs each and every day.openAI new site ChatGPT which has become a worldwide phenomenon in such a short time has employed already thousands directly and directly.

Access to merch and discounts-while this shouldn’t be your primary reason for getting certified it still is nice to get merch that shows you belong to a certain community. while getting merch doesn’t go hand in hand with getting certified you still can get lucky depending on your location.AWS offers a 50% discount off your cloud certification exam after your first one which saves you money.

My azure AZ-900 certification journey & my google cloud associate cloud certification journey.

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