How I cracked the AWS solution architect cloud quest.

The AWS solutions architect cloud quest is the best hands-on skill builder solution architect course by AWS in the market. I recently completed my cloud quest and enjoyed building and learning AWS without worrying about billing or securing workloads as all this is abstracted in the lab setup. What’s the AWS solutions architect cloud quest? […]

9 best security practices for security in IAM.

Identity security is one of the basic and also important consideration factors online. securing your cloud environment is just as important as the work you are doing on the cloud. AWS IAM connects (who?) developers, SREs etc.. (can access).. permissions (what?).. resources e.g. EC2 instances, lambda functions etc… If malicious actors are able to penetrate […]

serverless AWS analytics services

serverless workloads fall under 2 categories connecting your platform or running services. Connecting your platform involves writing a piece of code that when invoked performs a function. ie a code that invokes a lambda function to change a file format on a file uploaded to an S3 bucket. Running services benefit from the flexibility of […]

complete set of serverless AWS non-relational databases for you to choose from.

Organizations rely heavily on databases today compared to years ago when most of the data were stored in excel documents alone. whether you need a database to store either your OLAP or OLTP transactions or need a database to store inventory and financial transactions for your e-commerce store you will require a database that can […]

Free AWS cloud practitioner practice exam.

Which type of cloud service model is most like an on-premises environment, where you configure virtual infrastructure components such as compute, network, and storage services that you can host your applications on? Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Function as a Service (FaaS) Your company is […]

Pass the AWS cloud practitioner certification in 2 weeks’ guide

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is the entry-level certification for amazon web services. this cert provides a birds-eye view of AWS services & what they are about. It covers topics such as Compute(EC2), storage,(S3) database(RDS), networking(route 53) and security(amazon inspector). This compressed guide will help those who are new to the AWS cloud practitioner environment […]

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