Cisco certified support technician networking Review.

Cisco recently announced new entry-level certifications in networking and cybersecurity. they introduced the Cisco-certified support technician (networking) and the cisco certified support cybersecurity option. both courses are meant to introduce the learner to the field of either networking or cybersecurity from the ground level. The support technician networking course is divided into 4 modules. Networking […]

15 useful port no and protocols for cloud professionals.

Networks make up the backbone of any connected system. For different services to be able to communicate there was a need for static port numbers to be assigned.IANA divided the range of numbers into 3 distinct groups. well known ports(0 to 1023) ,registered ports( 1024 to 49151) & private and dynamic ports( 49152 to 65535).the […]

How Microsoft publisher can beat Adsense in advertising.

Microsoft publisher advertising is currently piloting a new web monetization product that promises to earn you more money by delivering high-quality and relevant ads to your readers with less hassle. the advertising landscape has long been controlled by Google and Microsoft looks like a latecomer but are they? program features Microsoft publisher promises to integrate […]

How to land your first job on the cloud

The cloud has grown to be one of the biggest employers in the IT sector and has brought about numerous roles that didn’t exist a decade ago. architects, developers & engineers were common roles found mainly in the construction industry but now we have cloud architects and engineers some of whom have better pay packages […]

Top 5 Perfect blog post writing recipe

In Writing perfect blog posts you must include: the use of clear headings & appropriate spacings, avoid fluff and get to the point, do research before you write and not after, structure your posts and allow your posts to cook and adjust heat if necessary Use clear font headings and appropriate spacing’s. Clear font headings […]

How I passed my Microsoft AZ 900 exam for free in 2 weeks

The Microsoft AZ 900 is the introductory certification to Azure.AWS has the cloud practitioner and GCP the digital cloud leader. getting any of these certifications proves that a learner has understood all the fundamental concepts of cloud computing. Before sitting for my AZ- 900 exam I had attempted the AWS cloud practitioner exam a few […]

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