How Microsoft publisher can beat Adsense in advertising.

Microsoft publisher advertising is currently piloting a new web monetization product that promises to earn you more money by delivering high-quality and relevant ads to your readers with less hassle.

the advertising landscape has long been controlled by Google and Microsoft looks like a latecomer but are they?

program features

Microsoft publisher promises to integrate with other ad partners but pay more than them

currently not publicly available you have to join the waitlist. program is only available for publishers in the USA only at the moment.

available to even smaller publishers.

uses AI to deliver better ads and user experience.

ChatGPT will revolutionize the online advertising industry.

I think the reason Microsoft has decided to go head-on with Google is because of the amount of data they have in their arsenal that they previously didn’t have all thanks to order to deliver high-quality ads as they promise they will need to have access to massive data sets about anything and everything.

since the release of chatGPT and the later integration with Bing Microsoft has been able to understand deeply how people search and how to deliver the best search results in no time.

Google long had the monopoly of search that companies paid millions to be on the 1st page of targetted search results to grow their businesses. Google advertising however has been losing revenue for the second straight quarter and this according to the 2023 Q1 earnings report.AI has revolutionised how people search for information online that googling which was a very common verb is being replaced by AI prompts.

Adsense sucks

Google has had the problem of innovating on top products that are in industries they already dominate for ages. when ChatGPT come out Google hurriedly released Bard which performed at a subpar level as compared to ChatGPT, this was because Google had been the search giant for more than a decade and never imagined being beaten at their own game.

AdSense which allows publishers like us to earn money by allowing advertisers to display ads on our sites has been paying soo little to creators that many prefer smaller networks like Ezoic and Mediavine which have opportunities to earn more.

There have long been complaints online on how the Adsense onboarding is long and still many publishers end up being denied for no clear reasons. I have personally been denied a couple of times and the worst part is that Adsense sends you a denial email with a link to a program policy document you are supposed to interpret yourself.

Adsense has for years not come up with any new exciting product that entices creators or gives publishers a chance to earn more, unlike their competitors who are always innovating and improving.

if Microsoft publisher chooses to go the same route as AdSense they will surely fail as no publisher wants to earn peanuts from their hard work.

4 ways Microsoft advertising should beat AdSense.

Microsoft publisher advertising has the ability to compete with AdSense in that they have a huge financial muscle to push the platform same as Google which favors them as compared to smaller advertisers.

  • Microsoft should listen to its publishers and address their pain points.
  • Microsoft should ensure the revenue share formula favors publishers.
  • Microsoft should ensure that small publishers are nurtured and have access to the same services big publishers have access to.
  • Microsoft should ensure to add more products in the publisher’s dashboard not just ads and reports.

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