introduction to the google cloud console.

google cloud console.
  1. current project
  2. resource list
  3. main navigation menu hamburger button
  4. information about the currently selected project
  5. the auto-complete search box
  6. link to open cloud shell
  7. current user avatar
  8. alerts and messages
  9. billing information
  10. monitoring tab
  11. current status of google cloud and resources across regions

a project is a group of resources with a billing account attached. current project also shows you what project you are working on. (2)resource list is a list of resources on google cloud, the resource list doesn’t represent all the resources on GCP but commonly used ones. you can pin your favourite resource on the list to access them faster. (3) resembles a hamburger hence the name, it’s a quicker way to access a list of services.

4) this tab shows information about the project you are working on it has the project name, no and id.(5) the auto-complete search box is similar to the google search engine it autocompletes to help you get access to resources faster the developers knew remembering all the resources names won’t be an easy task.

6)clicking this link opens cloud shell where you can interact with google using commands. cloud shell is powerful in that you can create any type of resource on it just by using commands.

gcloud config set compute/region this command sets preffeed compute engn region

7)if you use google cloud with different accounts it’s advisable to have avatars on all of them to avoid mixups. (8)this tab shows you the current alerts or messages if you are provisioning resources let’s say creating a GKE cluster which takes time you can use this time to check the current progress.

9)this presents a summary of the bill so far. (11)the colour on this tab changes depending on the health of resources across google cloud regions. when there’s a problem with certain resources in a certain region information will be given on when the problem was detected. recently there were latency issues in the Asia southeast region that affected both GCP and azure.


monitoring dashboard

monitoring is an observability offering from GCP that provides visibility on apps regardless of whether the app is running on the cloud, on-prem or on other clouds. monitoring gives you the ability to detect performance issues on your resources faster and also build custom dashboards and alerts to your liking.

uptime checks monitor your resources that are running and when a resource does not respond to an uptime check it quickly notifies you. Enabling the error reporting API will show error details in real-time affected resources and how to monitor the error(s).

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