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An online retailer is evaluating database options to store the analytics data from its experimental drone deliveries. You're currently using a small cluster of MongoDB NoSQL database servers. You want to move to a managed NoSQL database service with consistent low latency that can scale throughput seamlessly and can handle the petabytes of data you expect after expanding to additional markets. What should you do?

How can you enable interactive access to a Google Cloud instance?

Your application requires a service to process changes to a Firestore database. The service is triggered each time a document is added to a specific collection in the database. What is the best way to configure this?

What is the difference between a virtual machine and a virtual machine instance in Google Compute Engine?

A social media company's employees will use Google Workspace. Your current on-premises network cannot meet the requirements to connect to Google's public infrastructure. What should you do?

. You have several Compute Engine instances running NGINX and Apache for a web application. In your web server logs, many login failures come from a single IP address, which looks like a brute force attack. How can you block this traffic?

An IoT company must run in a separate project from its APIs and web store. You want to use Identity and Access Management (IAM) to ensure a secure environment. How should you set up IAM?

Which data storage service provides data warehouse services for storing data but also offers an interactive SQL interface for querying the data?

An offshore wind company has recently acquired another company operating in Italy to expand your market in Europe. You have to integrate their legacy systems into your company’s systems. Your company uses GCP as the primary cloud to manage your applications. Assuming your team is taking this opportunity to modernize parts of the legacy system, what is the best way to integrate this system into your company’s systems?

_____ is a managed microservices platform that allows you to just build your application into a container, then let Google worry about handling all the infrastructure management from there.

Google Cloud’s operations suite integrates several technologies, including monitoring, logging, error reporting, and debugging that are commonly implemented in other environments as separate solutions using separate products. What are key benefits of integration of these services?

What is the purpose of the Cloud Trace service?

You’ve re-architected a monolithic web application, so state is not stored in memory on the web servers, but in a database instead. This has caused slow performance when retrieving user sessions though. What might be the best way to fix this?

What Google Cloud feature would be easiest to use to automate a build in response to code being checked into your source code repository?

A global ecommerce company has users all over the world. They need a database service that can provide low latency worldwide with strong consistency. Which service should they choose?

An Engineering firm is using Firestore to store information about products, reviews, and user sessions. You'd like to speed up data access in a simple, cost-effective way. What would you recommend?

. Coinbase global has developed an online crypto exchange service to serve customers globally. The exchange service has a n-tier architecture, such as Web, REST API and databases, and it is hosted in Google Cloud. You are the lead of a QA and testing team. To make sure the platform can still operate under heavy load and in any regional natural disaster scenario. How would you design your load and DR test strategy?

. A Large web archive application with users all over the world and a lot of static content. Which load balancer configuration would likely be the most suitable?

You are the architect leading a team building a 3-tier web application. You do not want the programmers to have access to production resources. What's the easiest way to do this in Google Cloud?

You have been assigned the role of cloud storage admin in your organization. What do you have to do to enable encryption when using Cloud Storage?

. You are building a serverless app and have made a minor fix to one of your services. You want to deploy the new version with no downtime. Which would you choose?

. A solar company deploying test environments using Compute Engine VMs. Some downtime is acceptable, and it is very important to deploy them as inexpensively as possible. What single thing below could save you the most money?

You have deployed service on App Engine that has an availability SLO of 99%. What could you use to monitor whether you are meeting it?

You made a minor update to a microservice running on Cloud run and would like to test it in production by sending a small portion of requests to the new version. Which would you choose?

How does Google Cloud suggest that organizations use third-party identity providers to enable users access to Google Cloud with their corporate credentials?

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