About me

who I am.

I am Karani phaustin born and bred in Nairobi Kenya 3 decades ago. I am a father to one beautiful daughter (the greatest gift). I am a lover of the gift called life and am living it out to the fullest. I enjoy reading nonfictional books esp the classics like the richest man in Babylon just to stimulate my mind and keep ignorance at bay. I enjoy good food, fried marinated fish and ugali waah! I also consider swimming a nice hobby of mine.

what I do

over the course of my life, I have been involved in a lot of activity especially in my twenties trying to find my passion. I am a trained electrical engineering technician and operate a business dealing with electronics. I have loved electronics ever since I was young and I am glad it loved me back.

Early 2021 just at the height of covid lockdowns Microsoft through its EMEA division come up with an awesome project to equip people in the Subsaharan region with cloud skills at no cost. I jumped on the opportunity and become an AWS-certified cloud practitioner which was a huge achievement for me and a step in the right direction.

I did not stop there I decided to switch clouds and joined google cloud where I have gained numerous certifications and badges like the associate cloud engineer and recently the professional cloud architect. I believe it’s advantageous to have an understanding of various major cloud providers as it broadens your thinking and makes you a good cloud professional.

I am looking to engage with like-minded peers to learn from you and also to impact what I know not just about the cloud but also about life and business and grow together as brothers and sisters.

to connect with me at a personal level find me on Twitter or send an email to inquiries@