How I cracked the AWS solution architect cloud quest.

The AWS solutions architect cloud quest is the best hands-on skill builder solution architect course by AWS in the market. I recently completed my cloud quest and enjoyed building and learning AWS without worrying about billing or securing workloads as all this is abstracted in the lab setup. What’s the AWS solutions architect cloud quest? […]

6 benefits of getting cloud certified.

The cloud has grown exponentially over the years that it now employs millions of people directly and indirectly compared to a decade ago. in the earlier days of the public cloud getting qualified professionals to work on the cloud was difficult as it was a different environment compared to the traditional on-prem setups that had […]

27 Linux CLI commands for cloud architects & engineers.

Linux is one of the most widely used open-source OS because of its safety, security features, and ease of use. in the cloud you will find it in IoT, big data, DevOps, networking, data management, compute and much more. major cloud providers like AWS, GCP, AZURE, Oracle & IBM cloud have virtual machines running the […]

9 best security practices for security in IAM.

Identity security is one of the basic and also important consideration factors online. securing your cloud environment is just as important as the work you are doing on the cloud. AWS IAM connects (who?) developers, SREs etc.. (can access).. permissions (what?).. resources e.g. EC2 instances, lambda functions etc… If malicious actors are able to penetrate […]

5 easy ways to save on your next cloud bill

A majority of us have been in a situation where we get a high bill at the end of the month from our cloud provider leaving us wondering what exactly happened. Cost optimization ensures you are getting the most out of your resources. in my case I incurred an AWS usage bill in my earlier […]

8 ways public clouds are better than on-prem.

Over the years the public cloud has grown tremendously to a point where even late adopters are rushing to store their data and applications on the cloud, from single-run startups to a huge chunk of fortune 500 companies. Some legacy applications cant be stored on the public cloud and need to be stored on premises […]

Pass the AWS cloud practitioner certification in 2 weeks’ guide

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is the entry-level certification for amazon web services. this cert provides a birds-eye view of AWS services & what they are about. It covers topics such as Compute(EC2), storage,(S3) database(RDS), networking(route 53) and security(amazon inspector). This compressed guide will help those who are new to the AWS cloud practitioner environment […]

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