GCP Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer practice test.

This free practice exam with answers covers all the required topics as per the Cloud DevOps engineer exam guide.

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Q1.You’re writing a service, and you need to handle a client sending you invalid data in the request. What should you return from the service?

Q2.A Gaming company is building a RESTful microservice. Which would be a valid data format for returning data to the client?

Q3.A financial institution has re-architected its monolithic web application so state is not stored in memory on the web servers, but in a database instead. This has caused slow performance when retrieving user sessions though. What might be the best way to fix this?

Q4.What Google Cloud feature would be easiest to use to automate a build in response to code being checked into your source code repository?

Q5.A women's makeup e-commerce store is using Firestore to store information about products, reviews, and user sessions. They like to speed up data access in a simple, cost-effective way. What would you recommend for them as their DevOps engineer?

Q6.A global News company has users all over the world. they need a database service that can provide low latency worldwide with strong consistency. They have contracted you as their DevOps engineer Which service might you choose for this application?

Q7.A pet food sales company wants to analyze sales trends. To help achieve this, they want to combine data from your on-premises Oracle database with Google Analytics data and your web server logs. Where might they store the data so it is both easy to query and cost-effective?

Q8.An aviation company wants a secure, private connection between its network and the Google Cloud network. There is not a lot of volume, but the connection needs to be extremely reliable. Which configuration below would you choose?

Q9.A Global research company is deploying a large-scale web application with users all over the world and a lot of static content. Which load balancer configuration would likely be the most suitable?

Q10.You've been asked to write a program for a social media company that uses Vision API to check for inappropriate content in photos that are uploaded to a Cloud Storage bucket. Any photos that are inappropriate should be deleted. What might be the simplest, cheapest way to deploy this program?

Q11.Your firm needs to deploy an existing application that was written in .NET version 4. The application requires Windows servers, and you don't want to change it. Which GCP service should you use?

Q12.You have containerized multiple applications using Docker and have deployed them using Compute Engine VMs. You want to save on costs and simplify container management. What might you do?

Q13.You've made a minor fix to one of your services. You want to deploy the new version with no downtime. Which would you choose?

Q14.The Anthos Service Mesh control plane interacts with the Envoy proxies to

Q15.How does service discovery work in an Anthos Service Mesh?

Q16.You want to compare resource utilization for VMs used for production, development, and testing. What should you do?

Q17.Which code construct of Terraform helps you parameterize a configuration?

Q18.Select the three benefits of storing a Terraform state file remotely.

Q19.You have an SLO that states that 90% of your http requests need to respond in less than 100 ms. You want a report that compares latency for your last two versions. What tool would you use to most easily create this report?

Q20.The top management at your firm wants to see an analysis of resources divided by the development team, department, cost centre, and application status. What could you do to make this easier?

Q21.What logs help you monitor a network by recording a portion of network flows sent and received by VM instances (including GKE nodes)?

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