Google Cloud professional cloud security Exam Notes (GCP PCSE)

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The Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer certification is a Google credential to ensure that a security engineer has the requisite knowledge and skills to ensure security in Google Cloud and outside Google’s perimeter with services that interact with GCP. The certification ensures that you understand security best practices and as an engineer you are proficient … Read more

Automating Infrastructure on Google Cloud with Terraform: Challenge Lab(solution)

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This challenge lab is the last one in the automating infrastructure in google cloud using Terraform. It builds upon the previous labs and tests your ability to import, build, add a remote backend reprovision, destroy & update infrastructure, and lastly test connectivity. Task 1. Create the configuration files The following commands create empty files in … Read more

GCP cloud resume challenge: building a front end

The cloud resume challenge is one of the best ways I have seen online to build confidence around your cloud skills after getting cloud certified. The challenge was built in a way that after completing it a prospective employer will see that you have technical skills apart from certifications. It has 3 versions for Azure, … Read more