Free GCP cloud digital leader practice test

This free practice exam covers all the required topics as per the Cloud Digital Leader exam guide.

Discover if you have what it takes to be a Cloud Digital Leader! Test your knowledge with our free questions and answers below. Learn about Google Cloud’s core products and services and how they can benefit organizations. Delve into common business use cases and see how cloud solutions can drive enterprise success. Whether you’re new to cloud computing or seeking to enhance your skills, these questions will help you understand the power of Google Cloud in achieving organizational goals.

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Q1. You work for an e-commerce website and want to use a product that can predict users' purchasing behavior and suggest products based on that behavior. Which of the following Google Cloud AI solutions would you recommend?

Q2.Which is a repository designed to ingest, store, explore, process, and analyze any type or volume of raw data, regardless of the source?

Q3.An online retailer uses a smart analytics tool to ingest real-time customer behavior data to surface the best suggestions for particular users. How can machine learning guide this activity?

Q4.A solar energy company wants to analyze weather data to better understand the seasonal impact on their business. On which platform could they find free-to-use weather datasets?

Q5.A multinational food delivery startup has moved its applications to the cloud. The Head of AppDev wants to introduce a new service that analyses customer preferences based on previous orders and suggests to them what to order. Which cloud computing model would help developers create the service while freeing them of infrastructure and management tasks?

Q6.Which strategy describes when databases are migrated from on-premises and private cloud environments to the same type of database hosted by a public cloud provider?

Q7.Data in the form of video, pictures, and audio recordings is well suited to object storage. Which product is best for storing this kind of data?

Q8.Which characteristic is true for all Cloud Storage classes?

Q9. BigQuery works in a multicloud environment. How do organizations benefit from this feature?

Q10.Your company's website enables users to upload images and input text to create memes of their choice. Lately, you have observed some suspicious traffic and want to protect your website from spam, specifically from bots using the website. Which of the following Google Cloud solutions should you use to protect your website from bots and ensure that it is being accessed only by human users?

Q11.A global taxi app company is planning to adopt cloud services to bring down infrastructure costs. The cloud deployment model adopted must meet all relevant international data security regulations. To ensure regulation compliance, the customer data with Client Identifying Data (CID) should be stored on-premises. Data without Client Identifying Data (CID) will be stored on the public cloud. Which of the following Cloud deployment models would you recommend?

Q12. A credit card company has moved its applications to Google Cloud. Its customer data is stored across Cloud Storage, Datastore, and BigQuery and is used by applications and employees across the firm. Which Google Cloud solution should you use for the detection and classification of the stored sensitive data?

Q13.Your organization has planned to implement Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) best practices. You are tasked with configuring application-level monitoring and monitoring service-level objectives (SLOs) for applications and trigger alerts when SLOs are violated. Which of the following products should you choose for these tasks?

Q14.A travel company is in the early stages of developing a new application and wants to test it on a variety of configurations: different operating systems, processors, and storage options. What cloud computing option should they use?

Q15.What computing option automatically provisions resources, like compute power, in the background as needed?

Q16.You are a Chief Technology Officer helping your organization to modernize its IT infrastructure by adopting Google's public cloud services. Which of the following is an advantage of the Infrastructure-as-a-Service model that you should consider when choosing a solution?

Q17.A team of Cloud Engineers is working on developing and deploying a containerized application that will process and serve a large amount of image data in cloud storage. The data must be invocable via requests or events. Which Google Cloud compute service should the team use so that there are no infrastructure management problems?

Q18.A multinational retail corporation plans to migrate its on-premises inventory management system to Google Cloud. The current inventory management system has experienced performance issues that are the result of very high IOPS. How can the organization increase performance and decrease latency by moving to Google Cloud?

Q19.A manufacturing company is considering shifting their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, but are concerned that access to their data and applications won’t be available when they need them. They want to ensure that if one data center goes down, another will be available to prevent any disruption of service. What does this refer to?

Q20.Your client has multiple ongoing projects and to remove conflicts has asked you to devise a way to segregate service-level resources, such as the compute, storage, and networking resources being used by various projects. Which of the following should you use?

Q21.What open source platform, originally developed by Google, manages containerized workloads and services?

Q22.A startup is planning to adopt Google Cloud Services. As a first step, the company plans to migrate its data to Google Cloud. Which of the following should the company use to migrate over 1 TB of data from a private data center to the cloud while adhering to a strict timeline of 1-2 days and accommodating available bandwidth in order to meet the project deadline?

Q23.In modern application development, which is responsible for the day-to-day management of cloud-based infrastructure, such as patching, upgrades, and monitoring?

Q24.You are a project manager for a global company that offers high-resolution documentary film editing services. Your team of content editors in New York and London needs to collaborate on editing projects that are located in Cloud Storage buckets. The maximum time to wait for a video's availability must be within a target time of 15 minutes, with minimal loss exposure. Which of the following storage configurations should you choose?

Q25.Which Google Cloud AI solution is designed to help businesses automate document processing?

Q26.Which feature of Vertex AI lets users build and train end-to-end machine learning models by using a GUI (graphical user interface), without writing a line of code.

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