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This free practice exam covers all the required topics as per the workspace administrator exam guide.

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Q1.The administrator of a pharmaceutical company has initiated an audit of interactions between the organisation and technology solutions providers that store or interact with sensitive corporate data. They have asked you to document the process of sharing sensitive information with Google Cloud Support when troubleshooting Google Workspace service issues. How should you describe the process for securely sharing data with Google Cloud Support during troubleshooting?

Q2.A new employee has opened several help desk tickets in the last week about existing messages that do not appear in their mailbox. You have been asked to investigate the issue. The missing messages are all related to a project to expand the organisation. The messages come from internal and external senders, and the employee uses the web interface for Gmail. You check the policies for spam, blocked senders, and routing, and rule out a problem due to Gmail settings. What should be the next step in your troubleshooting?

Q3.Since your firm switched from its former email system to Gmail in Google Workspace, there has been a marked increase in the number of complaints from employees that their messages to external contacts are received in spam folders. The CTO has asked you to reduce how often your firm's emails are classified as spam by external recipients. What should you do?

Q4.Recently, proprietary research information on Google Drive was accidentally shared with a vendor by a member of one of the many research teams at a solar company. The CEO is adamant that similar errors must be prevented and has asked the IT team to revisit the Google Drive settings to tighten security. However, collaboration with several partner companies that are involved in R&D cannot be impaired. The partner companies are also using Google Workspace. What configuration changes must be made to Google Drive settings in the Google Admin console to improve the security posture of the solar company Labs?

Q5.The program manager in a hotel chain will be leaving the organization in less than a week. The new program manager will need access to the historical email of the former program manager. How will you transfer the email between accounts?

Q6.An organization has started a program that will initially utilize contractors. The contractors will require the Gmail and Google Calendar services but should not have access to any other Google Workspace services. How would you configure their access dynamically to account for turnover in personnel?

Q7.To combat a tremendous increase in spam messages sent to email addresses that are publicly available on your organization's websites, the security team has added a filtering server to the flow of inbound email which will append a custom header identifying messages as spam. How would you configure Gmail to accept these messages?

Q8.A betting firm has decided to disallow access to Gmail from third-party desktop applications in order to improve security, provide a consistent email experience, and enable integration with other Google Workspace services such as Google Meet and Google Calendar. Several employees have already submitted requests, supported with business cases, to continue using third-party desktop email applications on their Windows PCs. These requests are specific to the use of Microsoft Outlook as a client and require sync with Google Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, and the Global Address List. You want to enable access to Microsoft Outlook as a client for Gmail with sync of the additional Google Workspace services like Calendar and Contacts for only those employees with approved requests. What should they do?

Q9.A global dentistry chain has employed a large physician group to increase the geographic reach of its healthcare network. The physician's group uses an on-premises email server and will continue to do so for the next seven months when their mail server licensing expires. A small pilot group of employees from the physicians group will be using Gmail prior to the eventual migration of all of the group’s mail to Google Workspace. The domain for the physician's group has been added to the Google Admin console and verified. What are the steps you must take to configure Gmail in the Google Admin console for the physician's group employees who will continue to use their on-premises email server?

Q10.An admin at your firm has made a change to Gmail settings that disrupted mail flow for a short time before it was reversed. The IT supervisor wants to be notified every time a Gmail setting is changed. What should they do?

Q11.A third-party auditor recently identified that documents from a drug trial were shared externally. It is not clear yet whether the exposure was deliberate or accidental. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) wants automated safeguards in place immediately to restrict external sharing of Drive files related to drug trials. What changes should you make to Drive sharing policies?

Q12.You’re part of a team that is implementing a new single sign-on (SSO) service with a third-party identity provider (IdP) that uses SAML. A group of employees across your organization will participate in a pilot of the new system. You will be configuring the SSO profile in Google Workspace for the pilot. What steps must you complete to create a working SSO profile?

Q13.To comply with a cyber insurance policy, all employees at your organization must sign in using 2-Step Verification. Employees in IT and C-level executives need a second factor of authentication that cannot be phished. How would you deploy additional security for user logins in this scenario?

Q14.Security personnel at a telecoms firm have each been issued a company-owned Android phone. These devices must be unlocked with a complex passcode. If there are more than five failures when unlocking the screen, the device should be blocked from accessing Google Workspace, and an administrator should be notified. What mobile device policies should be applied to the organizational unit for the security personnel to meet the requirements?

Q15.At a research firm, sensitive research must be protected from access by third-party apps. How can user installation of apps from the Google Workspace Marketplace be restricted?

Q16.You need to ensure that files containing personally identifiable information like social security numbers are not shared externally from Google Drive. What security measure can be enabled to warn admins of policy violations?

Q17.A pipe manufacturing company has acquired a small research company with 18 employees. They used a hosted mail provider. they have created accounts in Google Workspace for their employees. Their IT person has asked for a recommendation for a centrally managed migration of their historical data into their new accounts with minimal cost. What would you recommend as a method for migration?

Q18.Your firm uses Google Vault for email eDiscovery. The current retention period for Gmail applied at the root organizational unit, is seven years. To comply with new email retention regulations, emails related to the testing of a particular drug product must be retained for ten years. How would you ensure that the organization meets the requirements of the retention regulations with minimum disruption to policies?

Q19.At an educational institution, the Google Vault retention policy for Gmail messages is five years with an expiration action of purging only permanently deleted messages. An instructor has moved messages that they received ten years ago to Trash. When will the messages be purged from Gmail?

Q20.A storage vendor currently has a retention policy for Gmail of ten years. In compliance with HIPAA laws, and to adhere to a new corporate legal policy, the retention period must be changed to six years. They will modify the retention policy in Google Vault to the new retention period. What will happen to messages in Gmail that were sent or received more than six years ago?

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