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Q1.You are a cloud developer helping an enterprise customer deploy their application on Google Compute Engine. The customer's IT team already created two projects, for marketing and sales departments, within the US-Central1 region. The network topology, firewall rules, and routes are identical for the marketing and sales projects. The IT manager wants your help in designing a single network that will be shared by applications running within the sales and marketing projects. Which statement regarding your VPC network(s) that will contain the marketing and sales resources is correct, and can help your IT manager design the best solution?

Q2.When using an event-driven architecture, which of the following is true about an event?

Q3.Steve, the cloud developer at XT Solar Systems, has been asked to build a VPC network in GCP. This VPC network will be connected to the on-prem network via the Cloud VPN service. The address space for the on-prem network spans the CIDR block of After deploying the VPC network, Laurie finds that there are issues with the VPN connectivity. What could be causing the VPN connectivity issues?

Q4.You are planning to build ticket reservation software using Google Cloud's Dataflow SDK. Your project requirement is to extract the data and then perform parallel processing operations. Which tool supports the core parallel processing operation in the Dataflow SDK?

Q5.Which of the following are features of Cloud Tasks? Select two.

Q6.Which of the following are features of Eventarc? Select two.

Q7.Suppose you have a table that includes a nested column called "city" inside a column called "person", but when you try to submit the following query in BigQuery, it gives you an error. SELECT person FROM `project1.example.table1` WHERE city = "London" How would you correct the error?

Q8.Which of the following are benefits of the service choreography pattern? Select two.

Q9.You realize the reason you are unable to login via SSH to your newly configured GCE virtual machine is the default-allow-ssh firewall rule has been mysteriously deleted. You decide to add the rule back to your firewall. What settings should you select?

Q10.Which of the following are features of Workflows? Select two.

Q11.To prevent Denial of Service (DoS) attacks in your PHP App Engine application, what type of file do you need to create to store denylisted IP addresses?

Q12.A customer-managed encryption key (CMEK) is used to encrypt a function and its related data. What is the impact when such a key is disabled or destroyed?

Q13.You are managing a project using Google Container Registry, and have written a script to mark all current objects (including the image you just pushed) in your registry public. Which command should you use, assuming that your project ID is "your-project-id"?

Q14.To limit access to Cloud Functions, what methods can you use? Select two.

Q15.Suppose you have a web server that is working properly, but you can't connect to its instance VM over SSH. Which of these troubleshooting methods can you use without disrupting production traffic? (Select 3 answers.)

Q16.Which three statements about using environment variables with Cloud Functions are correct?

Q17.Your company would like to establish a direct, private connection between your on-premise network with Google networks, to connect with GCP resources without transmitting over the public internet. However, your on-premise network is too far from a Google colocation facility to establish a physical connection. You also expect your network topology to change in the next 18 months, so you will need to update all on-premise destination IP addresses. You would like this update to be entirely managed by your company's employees, even though you will need to connect through a service provider. Which GCP Hybrid Connectivity option will allow you to establish your desired network connection, and independently manage your upcoming network updates?

Q18.From which of these container registries can Cloud Run pull container images? Select three.

Q19.Carlos is the cloud developer for the Silverline industries. She has been asked to deploy a Kubernetes cluster so that the organisation can perform some testing of a containerized app that will be completed within 3 weeks. Which option below is the best solution to ensure that the team can finish its testing without worrying if the cluster will be left behind and continue racking up charges once the team is finished with it?

Q20.Which of the following statements about Cloud Build are correct? Select two.

Q21.You want to stream logs into Cloud Logging from third-party applications running on Compute Engine instances. What service should you consider?

Q22.Users are encountering errors in your application. You want to view the stack trace to determine where the error occurred. Which service would help you view the stack trace?

Q23.Your application is containerized, requires automatic scaling, and accepts requests over gRPC. You do not want to manage infrastructure. Which would be the ideal execution environment for your application?

Q24.An ecommerce app has an application running on virtual machines in another cloud provider. They want to move this application into Google Cloud with as few changes as possible. Which execution environment should they consider?

Q25.You have code that needs to create a thumbnail of an image in response to a Pub/Sub event. Which of the following execution environments should you consider?

Q26.How can Cloud Build and Artifact Registry help you build a continuous integration and delivery pipeline? Select two.

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